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Janata Laboratories

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Genarel Information :

  • The Institute Provides Training in the development of their entrepreneurial & managerial skill in areas such as Entrepreneurship Development, General Management, Industrial Management, Financial Management and Marketing Management; as well as project appraisal & industrial estate management etc.
  • Consultancy and information services are extended when requested by other agencies and entrepreneurs. Some areas are :
    1. Course materials development for entrepreneurship and other SME related courses.
    2. Socio-economic evaluation of development project.
    3. Investment project preparation (feasibility studies for industrial and development project, project proposals.)
    4. Diagnosis of industrial sickness and subsequent business management counseling.
    5. Area potential study.
    6. Sub-sector study
  • Research on relevant issues, problems & prospects of the SME, as well as independent studies on different SME related areas. A main area of research is the assessment of training needs in order to improve the programs of SCITI.
  • Carryout Researches on SME and extends services as Business Development Service Provider (BDSP).

Objectives :
The Government of Bangladesh attaches great importance to the development of small and cottage industries sector in its industrial policy. The objectives of the institute have been framed in conformity with the national aim for industrialization of the country.

The objectives of the institute are :

  • Entrepreneurship development and improvement of Industrial extension service for SME.
  • Management skill development of BSCIC personnel.
  • Management skill development of personnel of the Government and non-Government Organizations involved in SME.
  • Management development of private sector entrepreneurs.
  • Research and consultancy program for development of SME.
  • Collaborative program with International Training Institute for Training, Seminars and Workshops.
  • Working as Business Development Service Provider (BDSP) for Govt. Organizations, NGOs, International Agencies, Private Organization and the organization working with SME development.


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